Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you Bored????????????

or you don't have to be......

K I'll be the first to say I really am not much of a reader.... but these four books got me hooked!! I love, love, love reading!! (too bad I didn't love it this much in hikeschool I might be actually doing something with my life) Anyways, even if your not bore read them! I first started reading "Love the one your with" by Emily Giffin, (she's also written "something barrowed" and "something blue" next on my list)when I went to Cali this spring finished it in five days. Then started "All we ever wanted was everthing" by Janelle Brown, a day before we left for Mexico, finished it on the first flight home. Then we had a four hour layover in Denver when I bought both "Sundays at Tiffany's" by James Patterson and "The choice" by Nicholas Sparks. Finished them both within the week after we got back from Mexico. LOTS OF READING!! Loved each and everyone of them. If you end up taking my advice let me know how you liked them!! xoxo

Blonde or Brunette????

My step mom does Lisa's and my hair everytime she comes into town. Love her for that! She does an amazing job!! Anywho, she found a wig store that was going out of business and bought a bunch of wigs and brought this one on her last trip to SLC. So of course Lis and I are going to try it out. Even though it was a little big on our heads we got the idea of how we would look being very dark. I don't think if either of us went dark we would go this drastic but it was fun!! What do you think? (I wish I would have gotten a closer pic of Lisa... Sorry!!)