Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So, Jason as my witness can testify I am a HUGE fan of the Twilight Series. I count down the months to when I get to see Edward and Bella on the big screen again. Yes I'm team Edward. I stop every commercial that involves the dang thing. Tonight I starting Penelope and Twilight had a "sneak peek" trailor, typically any other trailor I would have just skipped right to the dvd menu, but no I stop what I'm doing lay on my bed and watch, with butterflies in my tummy, PATHETIC!! Well now thanks to Sue, J's aunt, making me read the books, I am even more into them. It is my life. I dream Twilight! I finished Eclipse in like two days. Invisioning every thing in my head as if I was watching it on the big screen. I would start sweating at intense parts, feel love when ever Edward would tell Bella how much he loved her, and he would do anything to save her, and marry her. I LOVE IT!!!
I told Jas I wished he was a vampire! you should have seen his face.
I decided I can't start Breaking Dawn until I finish my finals. I didn't do anything monday night and most of Tuesday night until I finished the book. Our house was a mess, Mogley only got out once instead of twice I didn't watch my usual shows, but I didn't care. I was so mad when it ended I just wanted to keep reading. PATHETIC!! I can't let this fantasy interfere with my school. But I really don't care. Judge me if you want, but you know your right there with me counting down the days, or hours till the midnight showing, typically my mom and I wait for a week to go see it but I can't wait any longer than that midnight show! I will call in sick if it I have to, it is on a Wednesday. Actually, Ron will be gone that weekend!! O my!! I totally forgot about that I don't work that Thursday!! That just made my day!! WOOP WOOP!! I can't wait for Eclipse to come out, I can't wait to start book 4. I am ADDICTED!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


We just got back from a great, but quick weekend in Montana. Somewhere we know we will, get a lot of relaxing, reading, sleeping, and definatley some GREAT eating done. Going to see Kent and Sue is always fun, we are always laughing. Last time we went I slept pretty much the whole time when were weren't on the four wheelers, horses or eating. This time however I was awake a lot more.

We got there late Friday afternoon. The men started right away on the porch. While the ladies stayed in and started dinner. I was going to take pictures of everything to show you the amazing food Sue makes but I got too excited everytime and just went straight to the table. I finished reading Catching Fire, second book to The Hunger Games, for ANYONE who hasn't started these books... GET ON IT RIGHT AWAY!!! After dinner everyone watched the Jazz play, and WIN while Sue and I watched New Moon, I can never get sick of Twilight series, Sue talked me into starting the Twilight books. Since the third movie is coming out in June I decided to start there. Once I'm done with the 4th book I'll start the first and second. Thanks Sue I'm hooked already I was halfway through from getting the book late Friday night to when we got home today. There goes study time for finals. :)

Anywho so Saturday came and we decided while the boys were checking off Kent's work list we would go shopping. HAHA yeah I know what your thinking shopping in Montana, I was not too thrilled, especially when I could have stayed at home reading my book. But Dillon surprised me, I bought some very cute much needed shorts for this summer and Colleen bought some shirts. As we were going to pay I heard chirping. THEY HAD BABY CHICKS FOR SALE!! O man I wanted to take them home so bad. After quilt shopping we headed back home. Then we went out to go shooting. I haven't been shooting in forever, I use to go all the time with my dad, I have a 22, so I thought I would be rusty, Not to brag but DANG I still got it!! Woop Woop!! Jason learned he better not piss of his little wifey. :)

We had another great dinner, watched a movie Becoming Jane, while the men watched the Laker LOOSE!!! and then read a lot more.
This morning we had an amazing breakfast, I read some more and then hit the road.

Thanks for a great weekend Hodgson's!! It's always a great get away when we come to see you two! We'll come again soon!! xoxo

Their lovely house

Only SOME of their land..SOME

Their horses, well some of them they have six. We didn't get to ride this time, Kent isn't able to shoe them yet with his foot, maybe next time.

J and Grumpy working on the porch, I wish I got a pick of Kent bossing them around just sitting there with his foot up.

It just comes natural, we forgot to get a pics of the cans, but there wasn't much of them left after I got done with them.

He wishes he was as good as his wife

Who wouldn't want to take some of these little guys home??

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just one of those days...

So my mom had invited me to go to her relief society this Wednesday. Lately with J being gone I have been bored, somewhat depressed haha and spiritual empty. So I decided to go...besides what else was I going to do that night besides sit on my couch and watch tv. I was having somewhat of a bad day by the time work ended, went to class with a bad attitude, because I might not be getting a good enough grade to get into Radiology without having to take the stupid class again. I almost called my mom to tell her I wasn't in the mood. I didn't. I went. On the way there as I was pulling out of my street an elderly couple was walking holding hands, I hope when I have a hunch back, white hair and can hardly walk down the street Jason will still want to hold my hand. Then I was on creek road and saw a group of younger people walking with some special needs kids. One was in a wheel chair and the other had down syndrome. They looked so happy to have some friends to be taking them on a walk. I appreciated the younger kids for helping out. Then I was turning onto the street that the stake center was on and their was a guy walking his dog, picking up trash.

I don't know if I have just missed all of this before but people are so great! I loved seeing everyone helping each other out. I guess going rs made me open my eyes to how amazing some people are. Plus the good weather makes everyone a little happier. Not to mention the speakers were amazing! It was a group of three women (mothers) who started a singing group. They talked about "Spiritual Spa's" and had a lot of great stories from the Book of Mormon. Relief Society was just what I needed on this bad day I was having. I wish I knew the name of the group so you could here them but they were really good.

Thanks mom for inviting me to come.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What The F$*@%!!!

My husband likes golf??

Today aroung 12:01 pm Jason and I got into our comfty clothes and snuggled up on the couch. I was searching through the guide and turned to HGTV (We are hoping to buy a house by the end of the year so I have fell in love with some of the shows.) Anyway, I get up to get a drink from the kitchen and come back to Jason watching THE MASTERS!!! What the H$%&!! I didn't marry someone who watches golf. Jason has never ever shown interest in golf, I have known this man for 2 years!! Never has he said anything about Lee Westwood or Phil Mickelson, and now when I sit down he acts like he knows them as if they were Tiger Woods. He's talking about Par and Birdie's and how Tiger shanked it into the BUNKERS!!!

Sorry for those of you who like golf, enjoy playing it on weekends and watching the most boring sport on TV. But I don't DO GOLF. And my husband shouldn't either. This might have been something that could have changed my response when he kneeled down on his knee! HAHA kidding but seriously, am I the only one who thinks watching Golf on TV is insanley boring? Yes I admit going to the range and hitting a bucket can be fun, or hey, I'm totally up for mini golf, even though I suck. But come on golf in the Pluim house? Never would have saw that coming. EVER!! So here I am on my Sunday afternoon watching.... YUP Golf!!
I can't wait for the Pacific Life Open and the US open to start!! GO TENNIS!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

BIRTHDAYS!!!!! Wow it's been an eventful week...

The first week of April is a busy one for Birthdays...

April 5th was Rachael's (Jason's little's sister) birthday. She turned the BIG 21!!!
Rach is such an amazing young lady. She is not only beautiful but really funny. She makes J laugh all through dinner with their little random movie lines. She puts up with me when we go over there and plays game after game of Ticket to Ride. She is someone I look up to because she is so strong in the church. She goes to Dixie but comes home on the weekends if her old singles ward is doing anything. She is always going to firesides and reading church books. I pray our kids take after her. Happy 21Rach!! we love you! Hope you liked the shoes.

Next was my great friend Marcy!! We have only been friends since 2006 but it was meant to be for sure. Although we don't see each other as much these days when we do we don't skip a beat! She is always making sure everyone is happy and pleased. She is the life of the party. I can come to her with any problems and she always has great advice. She is for sure the sexiest 2nd grade teacher ever! Those kids are extremely lucky to have her as a teacher. She is so smart and sweet. I hope you had a great night after dinner and I hope Taylor is treating you like a Queen all week!! love you!! Won't lie can't wait till he's gone.. GIRLS NIGHTS!!!! haha kidding....kinda Happy 26th!! (yeah she's 26 sometimes when we first met people they would think I was older she doesn't look a day over 23 huh?? jealous!!)

Then.. on the 8th.. My Bestie!! Whitters!! Whits!! Firthie!! Whit and I have been besties since... 4th grade?? Well let's just say a long flinging time!! Whit is the best friend a girl could have we could honestly talk for hours and hours and never run out things to say. She has the biggest heart and loves to laugh. We have been trying to get together a few times a month to get some dinner and it has been great to keep in touch. She is always looking out for everyone she loves!! Such a babe!!! I wuv her!!Happy 22 doll!!

My computer with all my pics of us isn't working!! I'm pissed so this pic with have to do. I couldn't get Tooshie Tashie out. haha