Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The family

Brent and Bryant....ummm....being Brent and Bryant!! They've been different their whole lives don't ask, it's normal to us.

Karaoke....need I say more? This was funny!!

can you see how excited I get when I tube

The 2009 Steffensen crew

Another family wedding in October

Congrats to my cousin Katie and her man Clayton!! He proposed on the 24th of July!! They are planning on getting married one week after us. October 8th!! It will be a busy two weeks! CONGRATS YOU TWO!! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY CLAYTON!!!

Rainbow Bridge

We didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into with this. I suggest waiting until after four or five, you might get a little more shade. We went around one!!! Hey at least I got a little color!!
These pics are of us first as we first got off the boat.
second pic brent doing some of his moves in front of the bridge
third (Jason will kill me when he sees that I put this pic on here, but I had to) Jas and I being our own rainbow bridges
fourth some of the group at rainbow bridge

Jet Skiing

Who doesn't love the wind through their hair!!

Summer isn't summer without LAKEPOWELL!!!!!

My dad's side of the family went to lake powell for a week this summer, due to our work schedules we made it a weekend trip. Better to go for two days then no days at all. It was hot and pretty good weather it rained one night but it helped cool off the air so we could sleep a little better. The weekend was filled with tubing, tubing, eating, tubing, jetskiing, rainbow bridge, and sleeping--what J and I do best. We can't wait to go again in September. Thanks Mark and Suzanne for letting us come!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanks Dibblees!!

Jason got to take friday night off and we couldn't have thought of a better thing to do than hang out with our favorite newlyweds!! ( almost a year can you believe it!!) THE DIBBLEES!! Lisa and Oliver invited us over for a little bbq. They are great hosts! The burgers were amazing thanks Walmart!! We didn't get pics of the food sorry but it was delicious! Love you guys!!

Happy Birthday July babies!!

July is a busy month for us. We have a lot of birthday's to celebrate. This week we had our!! My stepmom Bridget, Jason's sister's boyfriend EJ, Jason's sister Jenny and my brother Brent!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! We went with my dad's family to Buca Di Beppo for dinner. We sat at the pope's table it was a blast and we ate way too much!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We're Engaged!!!!

YUP YUP!!!! It finally happened after over a year Jas finally got down on his knee!! O how it was a surprise! I'm going with J's family to Mexico next month and I thought for sure that's when he would man up and pop the question! NOPE!! Like he told me months ago he wanted it to be a surprise and it was. So here is the story...

Jason and his friend Dave have a house in Ogden they are fixing up J said he got a call from one of the workers saying there was an issue and that we needed to go check it out. Not thinking anything we headed up for that long dreadful drive. :) Thinking we would just go to one of J's favorite places, Olive Garden like usual, J wanted to splurge and go to Ruby River. For our first date last year we went to the one in Layton with our friends Dave and Marcy. So back to our first memory I thought about it for one second but then shook the feeling of knowing he was asking in Mexico. We put our name on the list and headed to the house. After we returned to Ruby and ate we were meeting up with our friends to go to the drive in. Walking out of the restaurant a girl in love always thinks what if he does it tonight, I was bummed because he didn't ask. As we were walking to the truck Dave sparks pulled up. Running to the truck to see what movie we were going to see he handed me a boquet of red roses and tossed Jason a white box!! I FLIPPED OUT!!! (video footage soon to come) J stretched his legs out and got on his knee and said, "You better marry me!" There is our story!!

Now keep in mind these pics are at 2:30 AM after the drive in (hence why we look so beautiful)