Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend fun


It was a fun weekend, it's finally June weather and we took advantage of it....

Friday afternoon we headed up to Weber River to go fish. Well Jason, Mike and Rach went fishing, while Colleen and I enjoyed the SUN!!! She read while I studied. Bad idea, we both got burnt so bad!! We forgot sunscreen and didn't really care at the moment. Do I care now??? H YEAH!!! I've never been so burnt in my life. I didn't sleep very well Friday night because of it. That has never happened to me.

After the long day of fishing (3 hours, 2 hours to long in my mind) Jas and I went to Jagyn's wedding reception. She married one of my good friends from middle, and high school's older brother. He has an amazing family and so does she. They are moving to North Dakota in a few weeks and I am so happy and excited for them. We will miss you!! Good luck and Congrats.

Saturday I went by myself because J hates receptions. I told him when we got married the only ones he has to go to is if they came to our reception and supported us. And those of you who came know how cold it was so we appreciate all who came for your love and support. Well Karissa, a girl i use to FLINGING BABYSIT got married, however her and her family got our date mixed up when we got married and came the next day. Well at least that's what they say. SO Jason didn't have to go but I got to see this girl.

Linds and I have gone to school together since I think kindergarten. Have we always been friends? HAHA definately not. Anyway we won't get into that. Let's just say apparently with Lisa and Linds the more I hated them in the beginning makes me love them even more now. So even though, Linds and I don't get together much, she was away at Dixie and just graduated, Congrats Doll!! We only got to see each other once ever few months but when we do get together we can talk for hours and hours and we usually do. It's so good to have you home for good now lady. I hope we see each other more now.It was GREAT to see ya. xoxo

Random but some days I feel like A HUMAN DISHWASHER.... okay I won't lie it's like four out of the seven days of the week not just some days.

After a long horrible day of work I come home to this......

and this......

Then I make it look like this...

Then again towards the end of the week it's back to this... just one or two days after I clean it.

When J cooks he manages to dirty as many dishes in the house as he can. He can't just make a nice sandwich for lunch and be satisfied it has to be two grilled sandwiches on the panini maker with a bowl for the shredded cheese and the grater a cup for a drink then a plate or two to eat the sandwich. So imagine what he does for a dinner. Yeah it's a lot of clean up that is for sure, so me knowing that and being smart when we first got married we HAD a rule that whoever cooked dinner the other one does the dishes. So that I wouldn't get stuck doing the dishes all the first Jas didn't think my cooking was "as good as my mom's" so he cooked all the time. So I got stuck doing dishes. Then he worked nights so his lunch mess was in the kitchen when I would get home, but he didn't leave me any food. But I still got stuck with it. Then he went back to days and I started doing the cooking more....and the dishes. I CAN'T WAIT to get a house that has a dishwasher!!!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick Review

Last week we got to enjoy this Beautiful girl be a gorgeous bride.

She was married at Red Bute gardens. It was beautiful that is the first time Jas and I have been there for a wedding. (look at the background in this pic)Jack and I worked together at the dental office for while. She is my fav!! She can make you laugh as easy as brushing your teeth.... haha get it we worked at a dental office. :) Anywho she married a great guy! I don't know Jon all that well but the few times I met him I knew he would take care of my JJ!! Good luck on this great adventure you two! We love you and wish you the best.

I went and saw this with my March!! We love these ladies!! It was really good!!

Then We went to this ADORABLE ADORABLE ADORABLE girls first Bday. Isn't she ADORABLE, BEAUTIFUL and the sweetest thing ever!!! Happy Bday our sweet Halee we can't wait to see you grow up to become a BEAUTIFUL young lady. One and two year old boys....WATCH OUT!!!!

Look at that face!!

P.s see that doll on the very left... She loved it!! That's what we got her with of course the cutest outfit, I wish I got a pic I LOVED the shorts!!! ....She kissed her doll like 5 times. J and I were so proud, until yes it pushed a side with a card. yeah that's right a CARD!!!

Sunday we went to Jason's parents for sunday dinner and Meredith (J's cousin) and her kids came down for Memorial day. It's always good to see everyone, she has four energetic kids that we love so dearly we miss you guys and wish you could come more often or we could come to you! Hope you had a safe travel home. We love you!! ps thanks everyone for the great drawings they are taking over our fridge.

Memorial day, I don't know what it is I'm kinds stupid about this holiday. I HATE graveyards, even in the day with all those beautiful flowers. They give me the creeps so J and I didn't make any trips to any sites. I'm lame I know. Anywho, I went and saw this with my mom, aunt Carol and cousin Katie. It was really cute!! The guy in it bugged me though. I don't like blondes AT ALL, not my type. But I think it is a must see.

P.s I don't like this picture she looks weird right?

We hope you all had a great holiday weekend.