Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am Thankful for...

I am thankful for...
~My sweet, sexy amazing Husband. I love you so much and can't wait to spend eternity with you
~My parents who brought me into this earth they have helped me become the woman I am today
~ My brothers for making me one tough chick
~ My new family I love being a Pluim!! They are the most loving caring people a gal could ask for
~ My friends, you know who you are, thanks for always being there for me through thick and thin, bumps and holes and the whole nine yard.
~ The gospel
~ My health
~ My house (even though I can't wait to have our own place) I'm thankful for a roof over our head that is more than a one room apartment
~ My doggie Mogs, he's such a cuddler and I love it (even if his breath smells HORRIBLE)
~ Heating, and air conditioning, I would not live in utah without them
~ socks to keep my feet warm (they are always freezing)
~ Jason Pluim, my guy
~ Cafe Rio
~ Frogurt
~ Milk
~ chocolate
~ Okay to keep this list short any food!!!
~ a somewhat working car
~ tooth brushes (I love the feeling of my clean teeth)
~ TV
~ radio
~ Showers/ soap/ shampoo
~ my bed I wish I could work out of my bed
~ Sleep
~ a good book
~ Jason Pluim, my best friend
~ The teachers in my life who have taught me what I know today church, and school
~ my job (I'm blessed to be one who loves going to work)
I'm thankful for so much more in my life!! I won't keep you.

(More wedding pictures will be uploaded after Turkey Day!! Hope everyone has a fabulous day with their family and friends.)

The Reception!

The Stroud's....
They are like family to me. I have been babysitting their kids since Jameson (the tall one haha he's nine in January and he's almost as tall as me, I'm in heels) was a baby baby. I am so glad to be a part of their lives and couldn't see our wedding day complete without them being a part of it! Thanks for everything you guys!!
All the grooms man (including Chase Preston who was slighty late.. it's okay we still love you) and the bridesmaids. I don't think anyone has as good as friends as Jason and I do. You guys mean the world to us.

Wedding Pics!!! FINALLY!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thriller! Thriller Night!!

I guess it is a tradition for J and me to go to Thriller! Last year we went on my birthday to go watch my boss's daughter perform as chuckie at the one in Provo.
This year we went with a bunch of friends! If any of you have gone you know how the cast comes out and scares people dressed up as dead people. I love it!! Jason was to big of a wimp to take a pic with me so Dave W's cute date Sarah stepped up and took one with me! Thanks Sarah for being a trooper!! We loved the production. We'll see if the tradition stays a tradition for next year!

The best Hubby EVER!!!

Jason and I love our little place but can't wait for the day to have our own place... With a dishwasher!!!!! Yes that is right we have to hand wash everything!! And with as much as we both eat we feel like we are constantly doing dishes 24/7. So when I am dreading all day at work to come home to our dirty sink and when I walk into the kitchen to see nothing but our dish rack full and our sink empty... RELIEF!!! Then....

I am such an anal person about laundry. I love the smell of clean laundry so I use the softner ball, Jason thinks it's a waste of time. Some things just can't go in the dryer or it bugs me so bad, my jeans, some shirts, all my scrubs and some skirts so when I went down to put the clothes in the laundry it was already in there, with the softner ball used and empty, then when I looked in the dryer expecting to find a bunch of dry clothes nothing.. Jason had hung everything up to line dry just as I always request!!! I LOVE MY HUSBAND!! The little things are what matter! Right??

Me and Jas

On our way to Couples retreat! With full bellies!!

My Birthday Dinner!

The Dibblees came over on my birthday eve! We are so blessed to have such great friends!! I made my yummy grilled rib eyes with pasta and salad. Then we went out and saw Couples Retreat!! SO FUNNY!! Thanks for celebrating with us you guys!!


Lisa made cupcakes! They were sooo tasty, and our favorite kind! Confetti cake!! We loved them!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you Bored????????????

or you don't have to be......

K I'll be the first to say I really am not much of a reader.... but these four books got me hooked!! I love, love, love reading!! (too bad I didn't love it this much in hikeschool I might be actually doing something with my life) Anyways, even if your not bore read them! I first started reading "Love the one your with" by Emily Giffin, (she's also written "something barrowed" and "something blue" next on my list)when I went to Cali this spring finished it in five days. Then started "All we ever wanted was everthing" by Janelle Brown, a day before we left for Mexico, finished it on the first flight home. Then we had a four hour layover in Denver when I bought both "Sundays at Tiffany's" by James Patterson and "The choice" by Nicholas Sparks. Finished them both within the week after we got back from Mexico. LOTS OF READING!! Loved each and everyone of them. If you end up taking my advice let me know how you liked them!! xoxo

Blonde or Brunette????

My step mom does Lisa's and my hair everytime she comes into town. Love her for that! She does an amazing job!! Anywho, she found a wig store that was going out of business and bought a bunch of wigs and brought this one on her last trip to SLC. So of course Lis and I are going to try it out. Even though it was a little big on our heads we got the idea of how we would look being very dark. I don't think if either of us went dark we would go this drastic but it was fun!! What do you think? (I wish I would have gotten a closer pic of Lisa... Sorry!!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

Every year Jason's family goes on a big family trip. Last year I got to hang out with J when his family went to Hawaii and we were there for our girls trip. I was so excited when I got to go this year and am excited to continue yearly trips with the Pluims. It was so fun to be with the family and get to know them even better! I am so excited to marry into such a fun and loving family!! Mike kept us busy and full! It was such a great trip! It was a little too humid to lay out so I didn't get as much color as I wanted but it was so fun without all the relaxing by the pool! The hotel was perfect! Air conditioned and huge!! Thanks Grump and Colleen!! Sorry there are a lot of pics!!

Deep Sea Fishing

We went deep see fishing the second day. Let's just say I will never go again and neither will the other girls. It started super early in the morning, Jenny was being nice and brought food..bananas...guess they are bad luck to have on a boat, so us gals hurried and ate them all up....they became bad luck to us..... Jenny and Colleen both got super sea sick. I got a little queezy but slept most the time besides when I woke up in sweat puddles from it being so flinging hot!!
I'm glad I can say I went deep sea fishing but to be honest if I would have known exactly what it entailed, you couldn't have paid me to go. I thought it would be so fun to go out in the ocean, get some good rays, sit there talking to the family with my own fishing pole waiting for a fish to want my bait where I would real it in and be so excited to eat if for dinner. DEFINATELY NOT how it goes. The owners of the boats run the show you sit there for six hours while the boat is going the whole time with 8 lines out all at once attached to the boat. You don't do anything until a fish bites. Luckily one did and J got to get in the captain chair and reel it in. It was so exciting for about twenty minutes then I was bored again. I loved seeing how happy J was when he caught the fish, unfortunately it wasn't the best tasting fish and too big to take home so the fisherman got to keep the prize! What a day!!

6 am wake up!! but.....

this sunrise was worth it!

Waiting for a fish bite (doing what we do best)

Jason's darling sister Jenny and her boyfriend EJ

J reeling in the big catch!!

Good job baby!!

This came out of the fishes mouth when they hit it with a bat to knock it out!

J and his sail fish! He's so strong!

I touched it Grumpy!!

Yummy food and shopping!!

The inlaws
Rach and her favorite brother (Isn't my guy the hottest?!!)

They love me more than J so they had him take the pic

Flee market. "ALOMOST FREE!!" Their famous 2 words

Rach and I SO excited to go shopping

Gotta love Mexico

The Pluim fam!

Canopy ZIPLINE!!!

we got to do the Mexico zipline! Jas and I hate heights!! So this was a big moment for us. The highest zipline was 750 ft high! 1400 feet long! NEVER AGAIN!! It was so fun though and we starting loving it after a few lines. It was nice and cool in the forest, not as humid as we were use to.
Momma Pluim loving it!
They said High knees so I had high knees. This really is me.

Grumpy went down backwards, superman style and things J and I would never do in our lives. NO FEAR FOR GRUMP!!

Can you see excited we are?

After they had a little petting zoo with MONKEYS!! I tried to convince J to let me take one home but it didn't work. tear tear! they were so cute and they ate baby formula and honey out of our hands. I WANT ONE SO BAD!!

Again NO FEAR GRUMP!! I think by his smerk he might be a little nervous....


I have always dreamt of swimming with dolphins!! I was so excited to hear that my soon to be sissy in laws shared the same dreams!! It was an amazing hour and a half that I will never forget!! First we got to meet the sea lions (I can't remember their names) we got a kiss on the cheeck (don't tell J but their kisses were much softer than his) I think I got slight tongue on my cheeck. After that great experience we got to swim with our dolphins. At first we thought we had to share with other people but no one else got the package we did so the three of us got the two all by ourselves!! We felt like little girls on Christmas morning! SO FUN!!!

Petting the seal lionthe sea lion doing tricks for fish (stinky stinky) Me petting one of the dolphins (Their names were Bell and Tritan)

See happy as Christmas morning (Rach playing around with a dolphin)

Rach about to be lifted up by both dolphins by the feet!! It was so fun! We are waiting for more pics from Jenny of me being lifted high in the air by my feet with their noses!! SO FUN!!!

Tritan hitting on Jenny. He moves fast!! First base kiss happened within minutes!!

Dancing with Bell and Tritan! Shake it like a dolphin! shake it shake it!!!
Jason was so JEALOUS he had to ride the fake dolphin after he saw how much fun we had!! His dolphins name was Pete!!