Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He's Back!!!

It's officially official... My guy is back to working days!!! Just when I go back to night school!! We have great timing don't we! It's not as bad as it sounds. I just have class Tuesdays and Thursdays, the rest of the time I get to have all night with my hubby!! Besides the fact that he's in bed by nine but probably by next week I will be in bed with him snoozing by nine thirty..can't wait to get back into my old habits. But since, yes, my last posting, actually on that Monday night that I was complaining about Monday about an hour after my post I had (what we thought at was the time) food poisoning, I will never eat another corn dog again. (We'll see how long that lasts) well then towards the middle of the week, I had, super bad headaches, bad chills and heat waves, super bad cold, eye goobers and ear ache. It wouldn't have been so bad any other week being home sick with J since he usually goes to work around one, of course the week I decide to be on my death bed his regional manager is in town so he was at work by 9 am or 10 am every morning. Timing what can I tell you. So Jason woke up Friday,after I had already been up for hours. I don't think I had slept through the night the whole week, maybe three or four hours each night. (I also think J thought I was faking it the whole time) but he took one look at me and said, "You need to go to the Doctor, you don't look good, your face is all puffy." HIS EXACT WORDS! So after hunting and calling around to find a Doctor that was covered by my new insurance, I set an appointment. He almost cancelled his guy fishing trip cuz I looked so sick. Maybe next time he'll believe me when I say I'm sick. So to make a long story short, after they tried to draw blood, not once, not twice, not three times but yes stuck me FOUR FLINGING times, for those who know me, I HATE SHOTS GOING ANYWHRE IN ME, I have passed out multiple times. Anywho, they couldn't get any blood because I was too dehydrated, I felt like a vampire!!! :) haha (p.s. I got tickets to eclipse)anywho, I had stomach flu, strep, really bad cold and an eye infection. Yeah fun huh. Anyway, its been a rough week but now I get my guy to myself for the next SIX months!! Woop Woop. I'm probably going to be sick of him in no time. I'm use to being by myself and have my own personal space, the remote and the whole couch to myself. Wish us luck we're pretty much back to our honeymoon stage!!!

PS It was Jason's mom bday yesterday. We want to wish her a Happy 5.....?? Can't tell she would flip out! She is an amazing mother and I thank her so much for bringing Jason into this world and raising him to be the gentle giant he is. She is the best mother in law a gal could have. Sunday we went to their house and got to see Sue, Kent, Karen and Seth it was a great day! Love the Pluims/Hodgsons/Shicks! Beautiful weather too!! Love you all!! ps, Sue I am attempting the stuffing rolls sometime this week. Wish me luck!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Mumblings

I dislike Monday's very much I wish I could just go past Monday's every week. After being away from work for three days with no alarm to wake me up and not having to follow instructions, waking up to my alarm Monday mornings... HATE IT!! Realizing my weekend is over and back to reality, no reading, napping, or just enjoying the nice weather we had over the weekend. Even Mogs was loving the warm sun. He stayed outside with me just like this for 2 hours while I read, BREAKING DAWN!!! LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT I'M ADDICTED!!!

Nope, gots to get into my old scrubs and put a smile on to make people want better oral health. :) This Monday was just as bad as any other monday, not to mention the fact that it's my last monday before school starts again, yeah night school. Shoot me know!! Then to put the cherry on top I had my routine Dr.'s appt with yes, my OBGYN. Monday's are not good days to go to the Dr. the first thing they make you do is stand on a scale..... Kill me!! I have never wighed this much in my life, yes I'm complaining again about my weight but yet after my dr's appt, did I go to the gym? Did I put in my disc for P90X? Nope I sat down to watch one of my favorite classics and drank not one but two glasses of PINK milk. That's healthy.

Anywho I guess another reason I hate Monday's is realizing I don't get to see my guy at night. Love my weekends all I do is watch tv, read, eat, clean, sleep, eat. This weekend was fun cuz I went to the Real Game, J bought himself season tickets with his highschool buddies. I'm not a fan of soccer at all so I told him not to buy me one I would just go to the Galaxy game, yes to watch the, in my opinion, HOTTEST athlete, David Beckham. Unfortunately, good old Dave had to go and tear his accelies or however you spell it so he is out for the season. So promising J I would go to one game I decided to just get it over with, the weather was good so what the heck. Afterwards we went to a BBQ with his friends and their wives and kids of course. Always fun!

Mother's day! Love my mom to death. This year came buy so quick we didn't have time to get her what she wanted so she'll get a late delivery but it will be worth it... A dryer. :) her's broke forever ago and she hasn't complained at all, I would be miserable. Thanks for being you mom! Your the best! We love you so much and wouldn't replace you with any other mom!!

Although we didn't get to go to the Pluims, we wanted to wish Colleen a happy Mothers Day as well. Thanks for all you do. You do so much for us. None of which is as important as the delicious dinners that we mooch every other Sunday. Love you!


O yeah and we had our first annual girls night this week on 5-5 at Heidi Jo's house, she made a really good mexican dinner and had really good cupcakes for dessert. There is nothing like getting together and just talking with the gals. We miss you Lisa my love! It will never be the same without you!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a GREAT week

Looking back this has been a pretty good and eventful week for myself and Jason. More for me but I guess I always have to include my husband in everything I do now..Right? Anywho, althoug I don't remember too much of the beginning of the week, it probably wasn't too great or eventful, by hump day my week had taken a great turn.

~ I had my final paper in my english class due this Saturday. I usually postpone it at all costs until... Sunday. This time however, due to it being my last assignment, I finished it early!! Way before Saturday. Snaps for me. :)
~ I was able to get a lot of late claims at work figured out finally (DANG insurance companies)
~ I found out we have an extra credit assignment in Biology that (cross your fingers)will help me enough to pass and go on to Anatomy this summer. Wishfull thinking but hey it COULD happen.
~ Big Daddy's pizza with my bestie Whit. We love getting together to eat, gossip and talk. :) love ya doll face!!
~Muchly needed Spring cleaning, in my closet. The last few months I kept wanting to go through my closet and get rid of the clothes that either A: don't fit me cuz I've gained stupid marriage weight B: Don't work anymore with my glorious garments (yeah it's been that long since I've gone through my closet) and C: I really just don't wear them anymore. I went through my shoes and purses too. It felt so good!! Now Jason can't tell me I have more purses than anyone in the world. I only have six left.

The left side of my closet BEFORE dejunking


The stash

~ Got to see my Marchy!!! To vent, talk, and maybe look at some wedding stuff... I'm so excited for you lover!!
~ Went to Plato's closet with my stash to get CASH!!!
~ Finally spent my gift card at DownEast that I've had since Xmas (I miss shopping but having a tight wad hubby cuz we're saving for the house makes it hard)

~ Went to celebrate our friends wedding Day!! Congrats Matt and Cami! You guys are going to love married life! We are so happy for you.

Cami looked B E A utiful!! Matt don't worry you looked Handsome!!

~ I got a lot more time with Jason on Friday due to the wedding dinner!!

Can't you see how much we love eachother!!!

~ We went to Boondock's with the future Sparks's and Ian George, we miss you guys!! We need to play a lot more.
~ I went to my adorable friends Ali's purse party, she makes amazing purses, check them out at etsy.com search for Jeka tree, she only has some online but they use adorable, high end fabrics. Check it out. They are amazing I wanted like five!!! O oops now I only have SEVEN purses!!
~ Went to Famous Dave's with my mom while J and his friends went to the Real game.
~ Realized I get to start Breaking Dawn Tuesday Night!!! WOOP WOOP!!

~ Made a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning

~ Got to spend the day with my guy!! I love Sunday's because I get to be with J the whole day!!
~ Made lasagna for dinner, which means leftovers for me for two days, leftovers for J tomorrow afternoon.

So overall besides being sick, due to dust allergies from cleaning, yeah I guess I had a slight allergy attack? That's what the Dr. said. Wednesday night after deep cleaning my throat started to swell, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't stop sneezing, my eyes were like waterfalls, my head feeling like someone was constantly stabbing it. So Thursday morning I had to go into the insta care to make sure I didn't have strep. No strep just dang allergies. The fact that finals are here I'm dying!! I hate school, I also hate the fact that I know I'm going to summer school so I only have like a week and a half break before it starts allover again.

Yeah other than that it really has been a great week! Hope you guys all had a great week too.