Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thriller! Thriller Night!!

I guess it is a tradition for J and me to go to Thriller! Last year we went on my birthday to go watch my boss's daughter perform as chuckie at the one in Provo.
This year we went with a bunch of friends! If any of you have gone you know how the cast comes out and scares people dressed up as dead people. I love it!! Jason was to big of a wimp to take a pic with me so Dave W's cute date Sarah stepped up and took one with me! Thanks Sarah for being a trooper!! We loved the production. We'll see if the tradition stays a tradition for next year!

The best Hubby EVER!!!

Jason and I love our little place but can't wait for the day to have our own place... With a dishwasher!!!!! Yes that is right we have to hand wash everything!! And with as much as we both eat we feel like we are constantly doing dishes 24/7. So when I am dreading all day at work to come home to our dirty sink and when I walk into the kitchen to see nothing but our dish rack full and our sink empty... RELIEF!!! Then....

I am such an anal person about laundry. I love the smell of clean laundry so I use the softner ball, Jason thinks it's a waste of time. Some things just can't go in the dryer or it bugs me so bad, my jeans, some shirts, all my scrubs and some skirts so when I went down to put the clothes in the laundry it was already in there, with the softner ball used and empty, then when I looked in the dryer expecting to find a bunch of dry clothes nothing.. Jason had hung everything up to line dry just as I always request!!! I LOVE MY HUSBAND!! The little things are what matter! Right??

Me and Jas

On our way to Couples retreat! With full bellies!!

My Birthday Dinner!

The Dibblees came over on my birthday eve! We are so blessed to have such great friends!! I made my yummy grilled rib eyes with pasta and salad. Then we went out and saw Couples Retreat!! SO FUNNY!! Thanks for celebrating with us you guys!!


Lisa made cupcakes! They were sooo tasty, and our favorite kind! Confetti cake!! We loved them!!