Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prego Scare!!

So this last month we thought I was prego!!! I was worried after I missed my last cycle, that is rare for me. I told Jason as a "just a heads up, I might be pregnant." And J being the funny, not so funny guy said to me "I'm filing for divorce." Although it wouldn't be the worst thing to have a new addition to the family, we just are ready quite yet. So after a few mornings of constant headaches, morning sickness, with no throwing up and still no period, I went to this great site to help calm Jason, and myself down. The site is I looked up symptoms that either can be due to pregnancy or they list other reasons why you are having these sympotms. Apparently, if I'm not pregnant, I'm either depressed or VERY stressed out. I had like 8 out of the 12 symptoms. Jason begged me daily to take a test but I didn't want to yet. I told him the week after the cruise I should start my Feb cycle by Thursday, if I didn't I would take the test. I honeslty would love to be pregnant and start our Pluim family. We started to kinda get use to the idea, joking here and there about a baby. After the great time we had on the cruise I was scared. I have been gaining some weight in the belly area and right then and there decided I was not ready to give up ME time. I had get back into my gym routine and lose the weight. I need to get to where I was two years ago, pre Jason. If I was pregant I wouldn't be able to do that. When your pregnant your limited to what you can do. Was I ready to give up my gym routine? Were we ready to give up on trips like these? To not be able to sleep through the night? I love to sleep, baby= no sleep. The next day, it finally came, I was never so excited to start my period. Ask me at the end of the year, I might feel different. I might be ready so give up me time who knows. Plus we aren't ready to give up our alone time together. PHEW!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to life....

After years of Dr. Ron saying he was going to take us on a company trip he finally did. We were bummed when we found out that some of the staff couldn't go due to their husbands schedules...they were missed. We were gone for a week and it was so fun!! I don't recommend going on a "freestyle" cruise. But hey a cruise is a cruise right!! Thanks Ron and Sherri!! It's kinda long.. beware
We started in New orleans

Marti Gra Masks

Our boat

We loved the food

This one deserves an explanation..after the night show we went to disco dancing. Robyn and I kept waiting for Kimball and Jason to come and for like fourty five minutes we couldn't find them. Then all of a sudden the YMCA music started and I saw Jason Running into the room with his shirt off!!! I FREAKED OUT!!! sorry for hitting you Tanya.... and this is what happened next. Those of you who know J, know this is not something he would not do. I am SOOO sorry the pics are so small.

My first time on the tables...21....won 16 bucks baby!!!!!!


Jason and Jim playing air basketball at the LDS church

One friend in beliz

Our other friend in beliz

Towel Buddy

Cozumel.....I love my guy

Jason said it wouldn't fit in our suitcases so I couldn't get it :(

There wasn't enough alcohol on the boat...Jim had to take the monkey's

Look at that BLUE water

All dressed up

Leaving Jason was so bummed to leave the ALL YOU CAN EAT FOOD can you tell??

Sorry... Better late then never!!

Another one of my cute friends got married on January 30,2010. This was an exciting wedding for me because A: Most of my friends have married guys that I haven't really known but I know Chels picked a good one! Ryan Schreyer is such a catch I have known him since middle school. He has an amazing family and great friends. I know she will be taken care of. They are an adorable couple. B: It was the first temple wedding I've been to since we got married. Even though Jason couldn't make it I had my lady of the day Linds with me. C: It was my first time being in the draper temple. So Pretty!!
Congrats Chel and Ry!!

The gals

The happy couple

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Love and am going to Seriously miss the girl I once hated!!!

Lisa and I didn't grow up together, didn't experience first days of school, middle school, or Highschool. We didn't get ready for any school dances together or sit by each other at football games. No Lisa and I met a few years ago, did we like each other at first? HAHA not a chance!!


Lisa dated a guy "we'll call him Tad" during highschool. After they graduated, like most highschool couples do, they took a break, wanted to see what else was out there. "Tad" was at the gym one day and was talking to a close friend of mine "We will call him Bryan". Now, to me Tad was very good looking and I was not attatched to anyone at the time so of course me being me told "Bryan" to set us up. To make the story short, "Tad" and I dated for like a month. Lisa found out, who I was, everyone told her we looked alike, how fun and pretty I was :) so of course she was ticked. So ticked, she wanted to run me over with her red car. "Tad" and Lisa got back together and were very happy.
Then a few months later, yes I started to date his really good friend "we'll call him Skyler" Well Lisa and I had to spend a lot of time together because our boyfriends hung out all the time. I use to bad mouth her after they would leave and say how much she bugged me and "Tad" deserved so much better. HAHA SO FUNNY!!! to look back on it. "Skyler and Ted" and their other friends planned a trip. Lisa and I were forced to be in the same car, for over 12 hours, we went to california. Forced to sleep in the same hotel room and forced to shop together (hey we got some cute shoes out of it though :) )Not the point. Over months of hating eachother again, "Skyler" and I didn't work out. Lisa and "Tad" soon broke up. One afternoon I got a text from Lisa "Hey, it's Lisa. I was wondering if you wanted to go get a pedicure this weekend?" Not knowing "Tad" and Lisa broke up, I thought this was her wanting to put salt in the wound and tell me all about the girls "Skyler" has been seeing. Muchly needing a pedi, I went.
We talked the whole time, she told me about her and "Tad". We talked about our latest flings Oliver and "We'll call him Bolt".
to keep it short, Lisa and I have talked almost everyday since.
We have shared so much in the last three years. A trip to Hawaii, doubles dates with too many boys. Lots of laughing and the occasionally tears. She has been such an example to me and has been with me through so much. We have been part of eachothers weddings (might I add the photographer asked if the sister would like to hold the bride's train while we walk to take pics, and looked at me) We get that alot and I love it Lisa is B E A Utiful inside and out. I wish we were sisters.

Over the year and half Jason and I have dated and now married Oliver and Jason have become very close as well. We got the bad news about their move a few months ago and have been worried ever since. They are our couple, we try to get together every weekend to eat, watch movies(even if they are retartedly stupid). They are our friends. We are so close to them we talk about everythig and anything. We don't have other friends like that. (sad I know) You both will be missed dearly in the Pluim's house. We will be so bored. We will miss you dearly. We will try to come visit as much as possible. I will be crying when I am on our cruise Monday morning knowing I'm not there to say goodbye to you. I will be crying the the weekend we get home now knowing you guys won't be coming to our house for dinner and another lame movie. The Dibblees will be missed. Washington is lucky to have you guys.

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's not even mid terms and I'm dying!! For thos of you who know me, science and I......OIL AND WATER!!!

To put the cherry on top my biology teacher doesn't speak english!!!! I am lost already and we're only on chapter 5!!! I sit there pulling words from his lectures, looking around to see if I'm the only one, can't tell. He goes so fast and can't pronounce words correctly. KILL ME NOW!!!

If anyone who knows anyone that can tutor me one on one... we're willing to pay a little please let me know. I need this class finished and done so I can move on with my life!