Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Yesterday March, 26 was my mom's birthday! It was such a great night because my middle brother Brent was in town from Cali, my younger brother Chase took the night off and J had the WHOLE day off!! We went to Redlobster for dinner. It was good to have everyone together for a little bit. A rare occassion for my family. We are all so spread out and busy we rarely have a chance to get everyone together. Dinner was delicious of course, CRAB LEGS and salmon for me!! woop woop!! of course steak for J.

I just wanted to wish my mom a Happy Bday!! Your the best!! Your always looking out for your kids and want the best for us. J and my weddind day wouldn't have been anything without my mom. She is so crafty and helpful. We have grown a great relationship over the last few years and I hope it gets even better. I can talk to her about everything. We love you mom!! Your the best!

Afterwards, we went to meet up with some of our long lost friends! The Thompsons and soon to be (but not official yet) Sparks!! Woop Woop!! Due to Jason's stupid, lame, ridiculous work schedule, it's hard to get to see everyone. It was good to spend a few hours with these great couples!! After another sit down dinner, we got an apetizer, we went and saw Alice in Wonderland with Dave and Ash. It was good but I bet I would have liked it better in 3D. We love you guys! hope to see you again soon!!!

We love our family and freinds we feel so blessed to have all these great people in our lives!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The MOST WONDERFUL time of the year!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!! I love samoas!! J loves thin mints, now I like thin mints too.. guess that just adds on more time at the gym... o wait, I don't go to the gym... guess I better start going.....tomorrow?? okay we'll be real.... next week.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have a husband???

O is that him on the right?? He's hot!! But I never see him... are you sure we're married??

Yes we are but it sure as H doesn't seem like it these days...
As some of you know J has been working nights for the last four months, yes one month after we got married he was taken from me. Work for him has been tough the last couple of weeks he was suppose to be back on days in Febuary but due to some cuts at work J got put back on nights. So we see eachother umm... well I see Jas in the mornings when he is passed out and I leave for work and then he sees me when he gets home and I'm passed out sleeping. What a wonderful first 5 months of marriage... NOT!!! We luckily get Saturday nights and the whole day on Sundays! WOOP WOOP!! exciting huh? Yeah NOT. I get so bored at night without my guy. I should be going to the gym getting my butt back into shape but no I go home and watch TV AAAALLLLL night. PATHETIC. Any good ideas to entertain this single married woman??

Saturday, March 6, 2010

TV shows... addicting????

Okay so I always thought I wasn't a big TV gal. Well apparently I am. I have been thinking about all the shows that I am addicted to. Shows that during the week make my day at work go by faster because I get to go home and watch them. So sad I know, but I KNOW I'm not the only one.

There are a few that are coming out that I just started watching but love already and of course they are on my DVR schedule. I would personally like to thank who ever came up with DVR. I owe you BIG TIME!!!!
Marriage Ref.. Pee my pants
Parenthood... alot of good people haven't really seen it yet but am excited

Of coures, I wasn't always addicted to bachelor until the one season, don't remember his name (see pic below with yellow background) but he was the one who had his twin come on the show to see who noticed it wasn't him.. ring a bell?? Anyway.. SO HOT!! I think my hubby reminds me of him tons!! Don't you agree? Back to the point... What the H was Jake thinking!! Vienna?? My opinion I know. When Jake was one of the men with Jillian I always said "He's too nice." Tenley the same thing. Two nice people should go together. Although it is true she seems like she just jumped out of a Disney movie, I LOVED HER!! They would have made beautiful children and lived Happily Ever after. Vienna is just him being horny!! This is my opinion.
Although I wasn't a big fan of Jason I'm excited to watch his and Molly's wedding.

I have always been a big fan for Sunday's!! I can't get enough of Desperate!!! I would watch it all day if I could. I want to live on Wisteria Lane in those adorable homes and have loving neighbors like these women have one day. J thinks I'm delerious. But a girl can dream right? And Brothers and Sisters, I love big families for this reason, big dinners, secrets, always having someone to turn to. And of course the drama. I will never have a big family unfortunately so I get to watch the one on tv. Love Sundays!!

Growing addiction.. I have been watching this on and off for a few years but just lately have been getting really into it. The real housewives of OC. I haven't started the other ones like Atlanta and New York but only time can tell when I'll start those. Wacthing this makes me realize how much I hate Cali. I will never move there. The women are too much but I love watching it. I'm more of a small town girl. Gilmore girl style. I have watched the whole seasons of that show so many times but don't get sick of it. I want to have a realationship like that with my daughter.

Dexter.. Have you seen it? You should. This is one that J and I got hooked on. Thanks Netflix. If you have a hard time with the F word, don't watch. Other than that IT IS AMAZING!!! I got so hooked I was having nightly dreams about the characters. I fell in love with Rita, Dex's girlfriend. (you now see her on desperate) she has an amazing tiny body, I think pretty face and is great at acting in many roles. I encourage you all to watch it. It's on Showtime so if you don't have it rent it. ASAP!!!!