Sunday, January 24, 2010

Way to make you feel guilty and get chills at once...

As a Cell Phone Addict This Made Me Think...

What would happen if we treated our Book of Mormon like we treat our cell phone?

What if we carried it around in our pockets or backpacks?

What if we turned back to get it if we forgot it?

What if we flipped it open several times a day?

What if we spent an hour or more using it everyday?

What if we used it consistently to receive messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?

What if we searched for new applications?

What if we used it as we traveled?

What if we used it in case of an emergency?

What WOULD happen if we treated our Book of Mormon like we treat our cell phone?

I got this from Sarah's blog and thought it is so perfect. Everyone can put this into their daily lives. It really is mind blowing to think how different life would be if we followed this message.

How do you treat your Book of Mormon?

Think about it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick Recap of 2009

O how time flies when your busy!!! J and I would have to say 2009 was a rather good year. It was fun being with someone you love for a whole 12 months and remembering some things that happened in 2008 that we shared together and did again.

Nothing too exciting. We went to Famous Dave's BBQ for new years and were approached by an older couple commenting to Jason that "he needed to act fast and put a ring on this gal's finger before someone else does." Of course my funny (boyfriend at the time husband now) quickly said back "That would be akward, she is my sister." The old man knew he was kidding. Little did I know Jason would wait a flinging seven months before taking the intelligent mans advice.
My brother Brandin's birthday

Of course Valentine's day. To Jason, not that big of a thing. I kept telling him to call to make reservations to somewhere and he would tell me he was going to do it tonight.... Our speacial valentine's dinner was on our own special day... the day before, Jason later informed me he called everywhere on Thursday, yes Feb 12, to make a reservation, they of course, no surprise were booked. So we went to Rodizio Grill on Friday Feb 13. Probably another tradition we will continue due to my husbands lack of planning skills.

My mom's birthday
Again nothing much. Actually I can't remember one story for this month. Sorry.

Finally a break in Jason's toughts!! Our one year anniversary was on the 14 of April. My loving guy took me to Ruby River (our first date) where I gave him the gold and black watch that " was muchly needed on my lonely wrist" quote Jason Roy Pluim. We enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by a huge surprise RING SHOPPING!!! Finally!!
Jason's sister Rachel's birthday

Dad's Birthday
Colleen's birthday
Again, nothing that I can remember. Our lives are so exciting.

We went and visited Jason's wonderful Aunt Sue and Uncle Kent in good ol' Wyomming. It was such a relaxing weekend. We got to go four wheeling, horse back riding and did I mention their cooking? WOW!!!
Sarah and Mike's wedding
Crue Searle was born

The proposal!! He finally decided after over a year that I was the one for him. Again he took me to Ruby River, but this time the actual same one in Layton or Ogden which ever one it is. And surprised me out in the parking lot with a dozen roses and the ring.
We later went on a long weekend trip with my dad's family to Lake Powell! where near the end of the trip my cousin Katie was proposed to.
Jason's sister Jenny's Birthday
My brother Brent's birthday

Grumpy's birthday
Puerto Viarta (can't spell) with the Pluim's. It was so nice to get away from everyhing, work, wedding plans the whole 9 yards.
Engagements were taken at Vivian Park, later followed by a surprise b-day dinner with Jason's friends that I will never try to do again!
Jason's 28th B-day!! We kinda caught a bug in Mexico so spent the night in and got Cafe Rio to eat at home. Later that month we went to Rodizio Grill to celebrate.
Julia and BJ's Wedding
Darby and Trevor?'s wedding
My brother Chase's birthday

Wedding plans
Finishing wedding stuff
Decorating my aunt and uncle's backyard
Took out our endownments
wedding dinner at Pluim's

WE GOT MARRIED!!! it was cold but perfect
Katie and Clayton got married
My 22nd birthday
Uncelebrated Halloween (boring husband)

I becam husbandless, Jason started his 3 month shifts of working 2:00 pm to midnight
Turkey day of course!!

Jenny came home!!!
Xmas parties with friends and families
Jim Hashimoto THE BEST TENNIS COACH passed away... he was a great man, and a wonderful tennis coach to many many people
Whitney and John's wedding
New Year's eve with the Dibblees, Marcy and Taylor at yes again Famous Dave's

Sorry We are kind of boring people and I'm sorry if I forgot something important!!

Goals for 2010 (just a few)

I have been told by many people, I won't say names... that I need to update my blog more often so one of my many goals for 2010 will be to update my blog every 2 weeks. We'll see how long it lasts. :)
...Another goal is to yes just like everyone else and their dog, lose the holiday, wedding, and everything else wait. Or at least be more consistant on visiting my old best friend Gold's Gym. At least 3 times a week.
...Keep our small home clean!! ALL THE TIME.
...I am going to school, again,and have changes my mind about what I want to do with my life, Radiology Technician. My goal is to apply for the program this fall 2010. That means yes, I will be a dedicated student. As hard as it will be I am determined to finally finish this stupid thing. Wish Me luck!
...Read the scriptures more often
...Stop swearing (those of you who know me this may be a tough one)
...Cook more at home for my favorite guy
...Try to make Jason eat normal healthy food (haha who am I kidding)
... well that will do it for now, can't get a head of myself it is almost the end of January and so far none of these goals have been met....

Better luck to the rest of you who make goals every year knowing they won't last!