Friday, July 30, 2010

When you said I love you..

Two years ago today,well actually around midnight on the 29 so pick which day,(I can remember because it's on Lisa and Oliver's anniversary) Jason said "I love you." I was so excited and never knew that moment would change both our lives. Saying those three words means so much to a relationship. I never truly knew that until I met J. He was the best friend, boyfriend, fiance and is the best husband a gal could ever ask for. He is always thinking of other people way before himself. He treats me like gold! Some guys out there need to take lessons from my guy. I will always remember falling asleep on Wednesday night, after Lisa and Oliver's dinner, watching a movie. Jason was having a hard time sleeping and had to wake me up to tell me how he felt!! So cute huh!! He is the man of my dreams and I am so glad we met on that random lake powell trip three summers ago. After that night our relationship changed and got better every day. To this day we are so in love and can't believe we have been in each other's lives this long! Thanks Jas for being the most amazing man! I'm so glad I have eternity with you!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quick Update

Sunday July 11th we went to say our good bye's to BetsyBob! She gave an amazing farewell speech that was so touching. The people in Uruguay are so lucky to have her!! We will miss you Betsy! See you in 18 months. I am so proud of you girl!! She left Wednesday the 14th and I can't believe she is really gone.

Due to Jason's parents giving him his birthday present WAY too early, made me have to give him his Bday present and anniversary gift WAY too early. Jason's parents got him a bunch of new fishing attire, so for a few weeks straight J was nagging me about a new reel, possibly a new pole as well as the new IPHONE. He thought I was the rudest, unthoughtful wife when I replied "Jason you got all the birthday presents you need for this year. We can wait for Christmas." His jaw dropped, spoiled putz. Little did he know I had already bought him his bday present!!

Yup we are going to see the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings play at Lambau stadium for our anniversary. Late anniversary but it is still in October.

My mom made the amazing cake and I decorated the house while J was at work. I tried to record it on my camera but those of you who know J know he doesn't get hyped up easy, plus he was confused on what was going on. He sat there staring at the poster and I had to explain what was going on...Hopefully our kids get my brains... haha

We are so excited and can't believe we have almost been married a full year!!
Happy Birthday and Anniversary hubby!! O and after we went to Rodizio Grill for dinner. Our favorite place. Gotta love the meat!!

I went to the La Caile?? Not sure how you spell it. Bridal show with Marcy and Joann on Saturday. I haven't been to a show since we went with Heidi and I forgot how hectic they are with brides everywhere and food all over the place. YUM!! Thanks for letting me come you guys!! September 23 will be here before we know it.

After I headed down to gateway for Ashley's Wedding luncheon at Tuscano's. Yup two days in a row of Brazilian style buffet... YUM!!! It is so fun to get together with the gals and talk about every one's lives. No on got a pic which I am way bummed about. Thanks Ash for inviting us to celebrate with your family!! And thanks Stephen's parents for picking such an amazing place to eat.

This is the first Monday I have been excited to wake up for.. Ashley's AKA curly's wedding day!! It was a beautiful HOT summer day. It was in the high 80's when I was walking into the temple. The sealing was great, I always am reminded of Jas's and my special day, we were both so excited, scared and anxious all at once. I wish we could do it all over again. congrats Ash you looked beautiful, you and Stephen, although we don't know him very well, seem extremely happy!! Good luck and best wishes.

Wow it has been too long!! A few years ago going to the pool with these kiddo's was my life!! Cottonwood Heights was our weekend home. Jameson is so flinging tall he goes to my eyes!! Seriously!! He's ten!! Next year he will probably be way taller than me. When will my growth spurt come around? Ethan got Baptized last month!! I can't believe HE IS 8!!! Holy cow. Jack o Jack Jack!! He is the funniest kid ever. I can always count on funny things coming out of his mouth. I miss his stories. Lucy my girl I can't believe, she talking up a storm, potty trained and has a big girl bed already she is going to be 3 in September. Time flies! I will always remember having the boys the day she was born.
Jam and Eth wanted to show me how big they were by jumping off the diving boards. Ethan said he went off the first platform but will only go once a month. I told him to spread his legs and do something funny on the jump, he did a running man in the air, he kills me. Jam went on the highest one. I won't even do that. He looked so calm and collective when he was waiting his turn. Jack was too busy playing in the water to take any pics. I miss seeing these kids every week like a did years ago. Thanks for letting me take them Linds!!

Last night we went and saw Inception with the in-laws. I encourage you all to go. I was REALLY good. Leo is NOT my fav at all but it was really good. I kinda can't do movies like this though, Click was the same way, made me feel really claustrophobic. But go and see it!! We will probably go again. O and we saw it in the IMAX way cool. Afterwards, of course FROGURT!! Thanks Mike and Colleen!! It was a fun date night! xoxo

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Did you miss us??

Wow it's been over a month since I've updated. The Pluim's have been busy!! June went by so fast I can't believe this year is half over already!! This post will be long I'm warning those who are reading it and not just looking at the pics.

But first things first!! Today is a very good memory for J and I. Last year on July 10, 2009 Jason Roy Pluim asked me to marry him. Not only did he asked that but he asked me...
To be Mrs. Jason Pluim
To be his wife
To be sealed for life, all time and eternity
To be his best friend and confidante through our years together
To be by his side through good times and bad, through thick and thin
To be a daughter to his amazing parents and a sister to his two wonderful sisters
To watch TV with him NO MATTER WHAT he is watching
To clean the dishes
To Love him unconditionally
To help him with problems and give him advice
To be his prayer and scripture buddy
To laugh at his lame jokes
To make him dinner
To scratch his head WHENEVER he needs it
To be his sugar mamma
To be his laundry maid
And although not yet in our life one day... To be the mother of his children (hopefully one day sooner than later)

So besides that this is what we.. well what I have been up to
First the first weekend of June...
Girls weekend
It first started out with a sleepover/lateover at Sig's house to show BetsyBob how proud we are her that she is serving our Heavenly Father for 1 1/2 years to Uruguay!! Good luck Betsy you will be an amazing Missionary. Then on Saturday we had a bridal shower for Curly.. AKA Ashley Bradshaw she is getting married in like a week and we are so excited for and her future hubby!!! Then After that we had a baby shower for Sig... AKA Ali Hyde. She is having a boy in October!! I'm so jealous she is really the luckiest prego ever hasn't gained any weight besides the belly that is barely sticking out but, come on it has to her husband is tall and she's little. The little guy has to fit somewhere!!! And she hasn't been sick!! LAME!!! so JEALOUS!! I hope I'm like that!

Then it was girls night with my other group of gals. No pic sorry but it was Amber's month and we went and saw Date Night. It was so funny!! Not everyone could come it was just Amber, Marcy, her friend from school Kiera and I but it was still good to see everyone.

Up next.... Total surprise... my dad took me on a day trip to DisneyLand for Father's Day. I guess that's a plus to having him be a pilot and me getting a good discount for being his daughter. We took the first flight out and took the last flight home. We were only at the park for 6 hours but it was soooo fun!! It really is the happiest place on earth. It makes me feel like a kid again. It was perfect weather and we didn't have to wait in line for more than 20 minutes. I got to finally ride Indiana Jones... The last time I went with my family to DisneyLand was the first year they had Indiana Jones.. yeah long time ago.. I WAS TOO SHORT!! So the next two or three times I went when I was older and I was so excited to go on it but each time it was broken down. What THE!!! hated it so was broken when we first got there but later during the day it was functioning normally!! Then I swear we saw...okay those of you who watch THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF OC know who I'm talking about. Gina's cute baseball player son.. I swear we saw him twice. What do you think? Is it him, it's hard to tell cuz I was being way sneaky about taking the pics I probably looked like a TOTAL retard but o well.

Then of course we had to watch Captain Eo..I remember playing with the action figures of the show it's so old school.. love it.

Thanks for the Disneyland trip dad I loved it!! You are such an amazing dad. I'm so glad we are getting back to our old relationship. It's good to have you home more and to be able to talk to you and spend more time with you. You are always thinking of others and wants what is best for them. We love you!!

My family grew up as Michael Jackson being our entertainment. I had a huge crush on him and we all loved not just him but his movies and music. But honestly not as much as my oldest brother Brandon. Michael was Brandon's idol growing up, he danced like him at all his shows, dressed like him and WANTED TO BE HIM!! I can't believe it has been, well now, over a year since he passed away. It really was a loss in the Steffensen family. I still can't believe it to this day he is gone. But on the Anniversary of MJ's death my brother had a workshop on that day. He had Michael's music playing while people were sitting down and then after when everyone was mingling. I still love his music. I was so good to see Brandon he only comes home like once a month and for a very short time. The last time we saw him was when we got married. It's always good to have the brothers in town. Both he and Brent were here.
P.S. I was laughing in this pic hence why my face looks fat... well at least that's my excuse.

On Father's Day we went to Jas's parents. It's always a good meal when we go there and always a fun time. Ticket to ride.. Dinner...good company... dessert. What more could one ask for?
Happy Father's day Grump!!
Jason's dad scared me to DEATH when we first met and for the first little bit when we started dating. Then I got to know the real Mike. Such a softy!! Don't tell him I said that. He is the most kind hearted man ever and Jason is just like him. He treats Colleen (his wife) like gold. They are so in love after all these years and aren't afraid to show it. They are such great examples to us. And did I mention the man can grill? WELL HE CAN!!! We love you Grumpy!! Happy Father's Day!!

My bestie Marcy got engaged!! Woop Woop!! We are so happy for her and Taylor!! It has been so fun helping her with stuff I kinda miss it. It's funny how much things have changed with styles and stuff and I haven't even been married a year yet. Congrats Marchy. I'm so excited for you!!

It finally came.... ECLIPSE!!! I went with my mom and aunt Polly. We went to the first show after the midnight showing at 10:50 am. IT WAS AMAZING!! I text Jason before and told him my life would never be the same.. and it hasn't been. HAHA kidding no really though I loved it loved it loved it!! I can't wait to see it again so if anyone needs someone to go with them call me!!! I encourage you all to see it!! It was totally worth the wait.

Later that night I went out with Marcy and her cute nieces and nephew. I love them it's never a dull moment with these guys! Who wouldn't want to go to dinner with these adorable kids??
P.S. the myan's kids menu's are like 7 bucks!! if you get one don't get the chicken fingers. you can get a better meal at wendy's or mcdonald and for a way better price :)
But you can't beat how much the kids love the show.

The fourth of July was pretty laid back for us. I had a whole week off which was REALLY nice. We went to sugar house park (again) with J's parents and sister Rach. We can't believe this is our third 4th of July together. And all three times we have gone to Sugarhouse park and got stuck in the hour long parking lot game... not next year!!!
Then last night we went to watch J's mom perform at the Day's of 47 pop concert. It was really good to go again and they had an amazing guest singer this year Alex Boye. He is a hoot and had an amazing voice. Great Job Colleen you were great singing and dancing up there!! You can get down!! HAHA after we went to dinner at olive garden with Sue and Kent it's always a blast being with the Hodgsons. They always have cool stories and Kent always has the funniest jokes. It was good to see you even though the trip was VERY short and sweet!! We will come up soon!!

We hope you all had a wonderful June and a great 4th of July Holiday!!
Told you the post was going to be long.