Sunday, March 20, 2011


We went on a quick quick trip to Vegas! The boys went down to watch BYU at the midwest confrence. They were unable to get tickets to the Friday game but got to see the Saturday game, they were bummed, to say the least. The gals, duh went to shop and layout. We shopped a lot but didn't lay out, unless you count 40 minutes before Jason made me load the car to go back home Sunday morning. It was good to get out of the freezing and be in the warm warm weather.

I didn't even think about my camera except these two moments. I'm bummed....

It was my cousin Rach's bday the weekend we went down, she lives in Vegas, and my aunt and uncle ended up coming down for it. So Saturday morning we went to bday breakfast and Hash house a gogo. For those of you who have ever been there you know it has Jason written ALL OVER IT. The portions are HUGE, GIANT, SO BIG!!!! And of course, J finished all his food and picked off mine. These pics don't do the size justice. Jason ordered the side of one flap jack. My cousin said the real flap jacks are way bigger!! I couldn't believe it!!

Saturday night (after BYU lost) the guys took us to dinner, and a bit more shopping.

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